图片 1

They got together in the Central Perk Cafe, guys were talking about the
advantages of being a woman and girls are saying the amazing parts of
being a man. The conversation was funny.
In this episode, they did something two by two. Rachel and Ross did
laundry together. Joey invited Monica to join a couple-couple date, they
ripped the real couple apart and keep pieces for themselves. Pheobe and
Chandler broke up with their lovers at the same time. Pheobe helped
Chandler to do this.

1、a wise guy 骄傲自大的人。

It’s not a big deal. 没啥大不了了


as far as I’m concered 据我所知

Alic’s all right, I guess, but sometimes he’s such a wise guy。

You just got do it.


hunger strike


strike /ˈstraɪk/ noun

plural strikes
a period of time when workers stop work in order to force an employer to
agree to their demands

  • a teachers’ strike
  • a strike by airline pilots


  • The workers are on strike.

Who’s the wise guy that took my lunch box?

Does anybody want anything else?


That guy, he burns me up. 其实口语中学会更简单的说法就可以 he makes me angry,但听力里需要听到知道是啥意思

to make (someone) very angry

  • It really burns me to see people being treated so badly.
    — usually + up
  • His arrogance really burns me up!

2、a shrinking violet 畏首畏尾的人。

cho·rus /ˈkorəs/ noun

plural choruses
a part of a song that is repeated between verses

the song with 3 choruses


Are you gonna go over there?

George has a very good mind。 He would rise fast in the world if he
weren’t such a shrinking violet。

eager /ˈiːgɚ/ adjective

[more eager; most eager]
: feeling a strong and impatient desire to do something or forsomething

  • She was eager to get started.




Often the phrase used to count out a full second.
“On the count of three, okay?”
“Okay! One-Mississippi…two Mississippi…three-Mississippi…go!”

3、a backseat driver 不在权限范围内而指手划脚的人。

accent /ˈækˌsɛnt/ Brit /əkˈsɛnt/ verb

accents; accented; accenting
[+ object]
: to give special attention to (something)

  • His speech accented [=highlighted, emphasized] positive parts of
    the plan.


There is a rat problem/issue. 有🐭灾,或者其他可以用这种表达方式,比如bed bug issue/air issue

One place where you find lots of backseat drivers is in politics。

fluffy: 前面学到过fluff(You’ve already fluffed the cushion.),这边听到的时候又忘记了 The cushion is very fluffy.


You go on audition 3 times a week, an you call yourself actor. 参加什么,用go on

Who did this?
It’s me! 而不是It’s I.

My father is taking me and my friends out to dinner.
My friends and I are going out for dinner.

4、a wet blanket 令人扫兴的人。

think:to form or have (a particular thought) in your mind

You may rethink your dirty underwear. think +object
You should relax and try to think some pleasant thoughts.
Let’s do laundery. do+something 洗衣服 do cleaning


fabric softener/’sɔfnɚ/

I’m sorry to be such a wet blanket, but I’m afraid I have to go home

laundery detergent:



5、a late bloomer 大器晚成的人。

fuzzy bear


fuzzy /ˈfʌzi/ adjective

fuzzier; fuzziest
: covered with short, soft hairs, fur, etc. : covered with fuzz

  • a fuzzy sweater/blanket
  • The plant has fuzzy leaves.
  • a fuzzy stuffed toy

Paul was such a slow worker at first that we almost fired him, but he
proved to be a late bloomer。

fuzz /ˈfʌz/ noun

[noncount] : short, soft hairs

  • The baby’s head is covered with/in fuzz.
  • the fuzz on a peach


run over (someone or something) or run (someone or something) over

a : to knock down and drive over or go over (someone or something)

  • The dog was run over by a car.
  • The running back ran over two defenders.

b : to read, repeat, or practice (something) quickly

  • Let’s run the lines over together one more time.
  • Can you run over the instructions again?

6、an apple polisher 拍马屁者。

squirrel /ˈskwɚrəl/ noun

plural squirrels also squirrel



You should take much care of him, and he’s a real apple polisher。

jammies /ˈʤæmiz/ noun==pajamas

[plural] US, informal
: [pajamas]
◊ Jammies is a word used mainly by children and when speaking to